Covid-19 Lockdown And Sleeping Problems

So most of us started thinking that during this pandemic and while in lockdown it’s going to be more of a sleeping period since there will be no commute and no long hours of work, the rest of the day is going to be for Netflix and fun with everyone in the house, but it turns out that a lot of people have reported sleeping issues and their health problems started to increase during the lockdown, so what’s all that about and what went wrong?

While there’s not much to do during the day in comparison of a normal working day at the office, and since we finish work early from home, the rest of the day is empty and everyone started to put all the plans of what will be done during that much of time, so we started watching Netflix, a lot of it, playing video games, sitting on the couch holding our phones in hours, and then, at the end of a less active day, we go to bed. Then guess what, many of us couldn’t sleep, so we go grab some snacks and probably checking emails and watching some videos on the phone until we get to sleep too late in the night.

The next day is the same thing, especially that the schedule for the working from home way, is not as time heavy as the usual days, since we work on our own rhythm, maybe a couple of meetings not so early, and the rest of the tasks can be done later during the day.

So the problem here, is that people don’t do much physical activity during the day, they eat probably a lot because they are bored and food is all around and it feels like a good way to entertain ourselves while working. All of that wasn’t good for our bodies, many people stopped exercising because they can’t go to the gym because they are afraid of catching the virus or because many gyms have closed their doors and while they have to take care of the kids and there’s so much stress because of the rising cases. The work out activity gets to the bottom of the list of priorities for so many people and that affects the sleeping habits, because of the not enough physical activity and laziness, also getting too much blue light from all the screens all around us during the day and night effected our sleeping quality, and too many snacks and add to all of that the lockdown and lack of good oxygen as we used to have during the normal days and due to wearing masks.

So, what to do to get out of this cycle, I think we should give more attention to our health and the changes that our bodies can be facing during the lockdown, we should keep track of body weight, blood pressure, sugar levels, and the amount of oxygen we get every single day since we don’t leave our houses too much during the day, then we have to start thinking of things to improve our health.

There are many tools nowadays to help everyone keep track of their weight and calorie-burn rate, talking to a doctor over the phone to get the advice needed is something to consider and keeping ourselves away from stress is the best thing, I can think of a lot of activities to be done with the family and kids or even alone to keep us in shape, the internet is plenty of games and fun stuff to practice to get a minimum physical activity to help you get to sleep in time and to have a good quality of sleep.